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Gut Microbiome Kit

Now for $199

We analyze your microbiome with our proprietary algorithms to identify specific foods that can improve the balance and overall well-being of your microbiome. You may also learn what foods you may be sensitive to. The results help you choose food that makes you feel good.

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What's Inside
The Kit?

  • Printed instructions on how to correctly gather your sample.
  • Swab for taking a small amount of sample supstance that will be tested.
  • Return envelope with return address printed on it.

What I Need to Do to Get
My Actionable Report?

In order to get your actionable report with personalized dietary recommendations you need to follow first three steps.


When your kit arrives, simply to activate the Kit ID on our website. If you don't already have an account, create one . Answer a few questions and you’re done.


Follow the provided instructions that tell you how to self sample in the comfort of your home.


After you collect your sample, put it back in the box. Drop the box in the nearest mailbox. Return shipping is on us.

We process

Your sample is processed in our next-generation sequencing lab. Then, our bioinformatics pipeline generates your personalized food recommendations. We will send you a HIPAA-compliant link so you can view your report on your account.

Dive Into Your
Actionable Report

Enjoy more of your meals by being proactive with the food you choose to eat. Your clear, actionable report will be there to guide you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And dessert! Eat with purpose.

OlaWell Report

After we analyze your gut microbiome we generate your unique report. Here you will be able to learn more about your Microbiome Score and Microbiome Bacteria levels.

Food Recommendations

Does your gut ever feel bloated, painful or unsettled? We use the latest science and cutting edge technologies to identify the foods that help keep your gut in balance.

My Shortlist

Very useful feature that makes you able to select food your prefer to eat from each category list. We recommend you to select at least three foods from each category.

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Find out more about OlaWell report. View our demo report by clicking on the button below.

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Your Gut?

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