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Gut Microbiome Kit

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We analyze your microbiome with our proprietary algorithms to identify specific foods that can improve the balance and overall well-being of your microbiome. You may also learn what foods you may be sensitive to. The results help you choose food that makes you feel good.

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What's Inside
The Kit?

  • Printed instructions on how to correctly gather your sample.
  • Swab for taking a small amount of sample supstance that will be tested.
  • Return envelope with return address printed on it.

Simple Steps to Discovering
Your Food Intolerances

It starts with us sending you everything you need to start on the path to better digestive health


Before you send back the kit activate it online


Follow the simple instructions included in the kit


Drop it in the mail


The rest is on us. We will let you know when we receive your kit for processing in the lab and when your report is ready

One Time "Gut Check"


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OlaWell Testing Kit 4x ✓
Food Intolerance Report:
Gut Microbiome Analysis & Profile
200+ food intolerances analysed
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Gluten & Lactose Intolerance Report
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